Everyone in their life has a whimsical idea, an idea that seems very attractive but risky; Some people implement that idea: a vagary. Some people just let it be. This is my whimsical idea.

A blogging world ruled by niche dependent grading, this blog is independent of it and thus a risky enterprise. What I will give to the audience is the variety with quality.

The amount of information and art that is being created in the digital age is unprecedented. In our daily busy life, we miss out on a lot of mind-blowing works or maybe the real meaning of the work gets lost.

If you are here right now, something tells me you are full of spirit to learn new things, brimming potential and creative ideas.

But maybe..

  • You do not have an idea about your interests.
  • Like me, you are looking at art as an escape mechanism or a tool for the battle against yourself.
  • Or you just relate to what I am talking about.

We are all looking for tools to live a full life.

Don’t we all feel the need to express our world changing ideas and do something worthwhile.

Trust me, I have been there.

Exploring stories of brilliant artists who have tackled problems that we suffer every day and going above them. To look for meaning among work of splendour and finding yourself. That is the aim here.

I have some core ideas to implement here:

  • I want my audience to be able to talk to me, tell me their feelings about my articles even if they disagree with me.
  • I want to be able to bring up the hidden passion in you guys, to rile up feelings that you never thought you possessed.
  • Today more than anything, we undermine our problems but here I am to hear them, to explain that you are not alone. Hit me up anytime you want to talk about anything.
  • I believe everyone deserves to be happy and content with every nook and little parts of themselves. And I am determined to give you the inventory necessary to gain confidence in yourself.
  • This here will be a blog of intellectual topics and discussion in philosophy, self-care, literature, writing help, anime/manga, gaming, art, tv, films.

Hello, my name is Jahan Patel and I am a self-confessed book addict, OBSESSED to make a difference, to teach and learn.

How did this become my life?

I was studying to become a scientist, something I was interested in, but my life turned miserable as I could not handle the pressure. Slowly, I turned away from my responsibilities and everything started going downhill. I shut myself to my friends and family, finding it hard to share what I feel.

 Alexa, play a sad song.

The point of telling you this is reading and writing helped me overcome this phase. I focussed on myself more through the words of certain bloggers and writers. Over time, I realized that this is what I want to do, burn hearts with brilliance, engulf souls with compassion.

I appreciate that you are here.. reading about the little life I lead.